As with so many successful ventures, what started out as a home project in my garage 5 years ago has turned into a growing, sustainable business. My success can be attributed to my love for craftsmanship and hands on dedication to deliver products that are quality assured, functional and customised to suit individual customer needs. CruzWood is now a well-known, well-established and reputable handmade furniture design workshop business in Cape Town.   


The goal of CruzWood Exclusiv is to bring the luxury element into the credibility of a finely crafted product. With a continuing focus on craftsmanship, natural materials and a sustainable business model that commits to employees and environment, we create innovative design with subtle but vital details for everyday use.

We have come to realize and appreciate that by nature, every living space is unique and we will continue to give our customers the freedom to custom design their own furniture pieces - giving them the pride and joy of a quality furniture piece that truly belongs in their unique living space. This is our service commitment: You Design. We Craft.

Most of our pieces is designed from the creativity and freedom of style and taste of our customers.  By paring it with clean lined designs or contrasting it with various types of colour and finishes we offer, we allow it to continue telling its story, the end result; a beautiful piece of created furniture that our customers can feel proud of, love and cherish.









We hand-make custom made furniture products using various forms of materials and finishes such as wood, steel, mirror, glass and concrete according to the creativity and design of our customers. Wood being our primary material of choice, we use SA Pine because it offers fantastic value for money and has always been popular because it's a neutral timber that lends itself to blending well with other furniture and a good affordable option that doesn't sacrifice build quality.

We manufacture a variety of tables, chairs, stools and benches. From classic to your elegant with matching benches for indoors or outside patio areas. From reclining pool loungers to vanity cupboards for your bathroom, workbenches and islands in your kitchen, TV stands to coffee tables as well as feature walls and wall units. Not to mention our elegant mirror furniture range, from mirrored pedestals to mirrored dressers, customised to suite your area and space.  


For your outdoor area we install pergolas, and outside fitted tables for your restaurant or coffee shops.

At CruzWood we want to share the experience with you of designing your items as you want without compromise of colour or size and with the personal service you as the customer deserves.

Excellent Service Guaranteed

6 Months Workmanship Warranty

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